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Interzone Wastes Scanning Mission


You, Dex Castel, a member of the Knights defense force. Have, unfortunately, been tasked with scanning the Augmented Pawns living in the Interzone Wastes at the fringe of society.


Scan all of the Augs and get into the HQ door before your Oxygen runs out. Talk to Pawns in order to ascertain if they are Augmented or not, Pawns who are Augmented will act with hostility towards you. Once you think you've found an Aug, scan them. Be careful when scanning: you gain oxygen for every Augmented scan but you lose twice the amount of oxygen if you scan someone who isn't Augmented.

  • Move: WASD
  • Run: Shift + WASD
  • Talk: E
  • Scan: Space


twitter: @nickhaskell

email: haskell.nicholas@gmail.com

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